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Nested display of Books 1-4 of Time-Travel Tales Series 1

Series I: Books 1-4

Jed, our time-traveling agent of the Light, and Deborah, an astute upper-class young woman, miraculously meet at some of the most important periods in history!


Their different strengths form a cohesive bond that enables extraordinary feats. To support the people on Earth in raising their consciousness to the Light, Jed protects the World Fairs (expos), which are catalysts for change, while Deborah coordinates the expos. She is unaware of a dangerous foe bent on stopping them at all costs.

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Book 1


Jed is an agent of the Light. Working on behalf of the Inter-Galactic Alliance, he travels to 1850s London to usher humanity into a new era, using the upcoming World Exhibition as a catalyst.

Opposing forces threaten all he seeks to achieve. Failure is not an option, but he cannot succeed alone. He needs the one woman capable of changing the world. So does his foe. The race is on to decide the fate of humanity. 

Book 1 of Time-Travel Tales Series I
Book 2 of Time-Travel Tales Series I

Book 2

Thrust back into a new conspiracy, Deborah must come to terms with who she is and the love that got away.

Fresh off her success in London, Deborah is requested to travel to New York City for the upcoming 1853 Expo. She agrees despite struggling to comprehend all that has happened in London. Her entanglement with the enigmatic Jed, who disappeared after stopping the assassination of Queen Victoria, continues to haunt her, but why she doesn’t know?

Deborah arrives in New York, unsuspecting of the new danger she is in. She knows life is about to spice up when Jed mysteriously reappears with a new warning and a smoldering passion neither can resist.

Is Deborah strong enough to face her greatest fears and open her heart or is it all too much to bear?

Book 3

Deborah’s life has been a whirlwind over the past few years. Between the high demand for her unique services around the world, an intergalactic conspiracy to ensure they fail, and a man she’s falling in love with appearing and disappearing seemingly at random, she is struggling with coming to terms with it all.

When she is summoned to help in Paris, it represents an opportunity to reset and unwind. Or so she hopes. But no amount of recovery will ease the pain of knowing Jed disappeared in such a poor condition.

Will Jed return again? Will he be healed? Worse, will the Tresians return to foment the seeds of war and ruin the Paris Expo?

Book 3 of Time-Travel Tales Series 1

Book 4

Returning home was supposed to be a break. It became anything but.

Fresh off her successes around the world, Deborah was looking forward to a little downtime. Instead, she finds herself at the heart of an interplanetary conspiracy to start a war. Deborah reluctantly dives into the past in search of clues to the long history of the Venusians and Plutonians on Earth. It may prove her undoing, for there are some who want the past to remain secret.

Making matters worse is her feelings for the mysterious Jed and Geoffrey, the man she loves. Torn between them, Deborah is about to face her toughest challenges yet.

Book 4 of Time-Travel Tales Series 1
Time-Travel Tales Prologue - Historical Romance Short Story

The Prologue

Forced to flee their beloved planet of Ceres by their enemies, the Tresians, how do Jed's people escape and survive in space in the old mining ships?

Then, playing hide and seek amongst the stars with the Admiral, their resourceful foe, can they sustain themselves to reach another habitable planet?

Yet romance flourishes even in the harshest of times. And miracles can happen.

Veronica is a new author who skillfully blends science fiction, historical facts, and old-fashioned romance.
Now, find out how she crafts an immersive experience in her short stories that leaves readers spellbound!

Author Veronica Sanders - Time-Travel Historical Romance Short Stories

Veronica Sanders Author

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