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Veronica is an Historical Romance Author, Light Worker, and Tea Drinker. 

You'll love how She Crafts an Immersive Experience in her Short Stories that Leaves Readers Spellbound!



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Display of Book 9-12  of  Time-Travel Tales Series III
About Series III

Some explosive topics and a dynamic ending await you with this third series of Time-Travel Tales! We follow the adventures of Jed and his love as they travel from Europe to America - and back - over a 12-year period ending in Paris in 1900. It has taken Jed years to acclimatize to living on Earth.

Distanced from the cosmic battles that defined his past, he is drawn back into a struggle with these new exhibitions that challenge his loyalties, his love, and the very essence of his being. Our hero and heroine's relationship is deep and complex, shaped by past rescues, secret missions, and a shared love for the unknown.

Marie contemplates her relationship with Jed, his secrets, and their intertwined destinies whilst taking care of women’s rights issues and expo work. Jed grapples with the weight of his decisions and their impact on his future and the broader universe.

Faced by the old Tresian enemy, with their increasingly ingenious sabotage schemes, can Jed's timely intervention, leveraging his Venusian abilities and the power of the Light, thwart the danger and reveal the depth of his love for Marie and his dedication to Earth?

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One solitary time traveler from Venus has the power to herald in a new age on Earth - if the powers that be allow it.

Jed, of the Inter-Galactic Alliance, is given the task of ushering in a new era in 1850s London, using the upcoming World Exhibition as a catalyst. What he didn't expect was finding the spark of love with the woman he must protect.

He is an agent of the Light and humanity's only hope for evolving. Yet lurking in the shadows is Ira, an agent of opposing forces totally against the idea of Planetary Stewardship and progress on Earth.

One will succeed. One will fail. Only time will tell which, for whoever remains, will determine the future of mankind.

What People Are Saying About the World Expo Series

So much going on, history, women's equality, strength, action, trauma, drama. Quite the anticipated rush. Sorry to see it end.


What a good suspense story. I really enjoyed the setting and the historical time period. I liked it had a strong female character. The story has a good ending with no cliffhanger. I am looking forward to book two as I expect the romance between the two main characters to bloom.

I was totally hooked and so engrossed in the story that when the Prequel ended, I was thinking ‘No, I’m not ready, I need more.” This was a fun read and I can’t wait for the rest of this book and the others in the series. I love historical fiction with a bit of romance so this is right up my alley. Enjoy!

Rachelle L

 F. Siciliano

Jenny Romance

This turned out to be a totally crazy story. A truly cool mix of history, time travel, aliens and also a hint of romance. I can't believe how much the author was able to fit into such a short novella. It's never boring, you really don't know what happens next. I love stories which surprise me, but I wish this one was a bit longer, I really just started to like Jed.

Kathryn Mac

This had a great overall feel to this series, it had everything that I was hoping for from the previous three books. It uses the time-travel elements perfectly and that the characters worked with the story. Veronica Sanders has a great writing style and created characters that I cared about in this story.

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Time-Travel Tales Prologue - Historical Romance Short Story

The Prologue

Forced to flee their beloved planet of Ceres by their enemies, the Tresians, how do Jed's people escape and survive in space in the old mining ships?

Then, playing hide and seek amongst the stars with the Admiral, their resourceful foe, can they sustain themselves to reach another habitable planet?

Yet romance flourishes even in the harshest of times. And miracles can happen.

Veronica Sanders Author

Author Veronica Sanders - Time-Travel Historical Romance Short Stories

Veronica is a new author who skillfully blends the realms of science fiction, historical facts, and old-fashioned romance. Now, find out how she crafts an immersive experience in her short stories that leaves readers spellbound!

©2023 Veronica Sanders Author. All Rights Reserved.

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