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View of rose and valley from Palomar Mountain, CA
Meet The Author

Veronica is a master storyteller specializing in time travel and clean romance, spiced with action and suspense to thrill her readers. In her captivating short stories, she creates a scenario for the Light, a special source of energy for good that outshines any darkness and brings peace and calm.

As an energy (Light) worker, Veronica infuses each tale with a unique vibrancy as she transports readers through space and time. She loves nothing better than sipping a cup of tea on the deck of her mountain home amongst the oaks and flowering garden, taking in the view of the verdant valley below, and gaining inspiration for the next enticing short story.

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Completely New to the Books?
Start Here! Find Out the Plot!

Jed is a Mediator for the Inter-Galactic Alliance, guardians of 'awakening' planets in the universe. He was bred with a special ability to 'call in the Light,' which enables him to use his powers to be a protector, to assist Earth to grow and develop its potential for higher consciousness. 

An opposing group wants the planet's resources and is willing to play high stakes to get them. The Tresians, mercenaries for the Plutonians, are to stop the ongoing World Expos, which are instrumental in faster development on Earth. Will they succeed against Jed, the Light, and his Earth allies?

Now Read Series I

Jed, our time-traveling agent of the Light, and Deborah, an astute upper-class young woman, miraculously meet at some of the most important periods in history!


Their different strengths form a cohesive bond that enables extraordinary feats. To support the people on Earth in raising their consciousness to the Light, Jed protects the World Fairs (expos), which are catalysts for change, while Deborah coordinates the expos. She is unaware of a dangerous foe bent on stopping them at all costs.

Time-Travel Tales Prologue - Historical Romance Short Story
Enjoy The Prologue

Forced to flee their beloved planet of Ceres by their enemies, the Tresians, how do Jed's people escape and survive in space in the old mining ships?

Then, playing hide and seek amongst the stars with the Admiral, their resourceful foe, can they sustain themselves to reach another habitable planet?

Yet romance flourishes even in the harshest of times. And miracles can happen.

Veronica Sanders Author

Author Veronica Sanders - Time-Travel Historical Romance Short Stories

Veronica is a new author who skillfully blends the realms of science fiction, historical facts, and old-fashioned romance. Now, find out how she crafts an immersive experience in her short reads that leaves readers spellbound!

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