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Series II: Books 5-8

Jed is certainly globe-trotting in Books 5-8!  We visit 3 continents - Europe, America and Australia! Covering a period from 1873 to 1880 there are catastrophic events ranging from epidemics and floods to wars and economic upheaval.


Yet amidst the turmoil, there is real progress towards the Light as populations hold hope for a brighter future with fresh ideas, remarkable creations, and inventions that improve lives worldwide.

As a result of galactic disagreements, counter-agents work stealthily in the background and bring about some real action, suspense, and danger for our hero and heroine.


Can they maintain their reputation for enhancing and enabling the process of the World Expos despite this opposition?

Finally, is Jed learning to follow his heart?

Nested display of Books 5-8 of Time-Travel Tales Series II

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Book 5

Cholera. Flooding. Worldwide economic downturn. Yet Emperor Franz Josef insists that the upcoming 1873 World Expo goes ahead.

A cholera epidemic grips the majestic city. The River Danube threatens to burst its banks. An economic crisis looms on the world stage. Yet Emperor Franz Josef is insistent that the upcoming World Expo goes ahead. After all, it glorifies his name and his nation! Behind the scenes, a team of the brightest minds - including our hero, Jed, and young Marie - gather to stop the spread. Together, they seek to prevent a disaster and, in addition, to foil a deeper intergalactic conspiracy.

Will she and Jed avert the disasters in time, or does fate have other ideas?

Book 5 of Time-Travel Tales Series II
Book 6 of Time-Travel Tales Series II

Book 6

It's the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. Will it go ahead?

As the Expo unfolds with groundbreaking technologies and inspiring ideas, the Plutonians escalate their tactics, putting Marie in mortal danger. In a race against time, Jed must decipher cryptic signs to unravel the sinister plot. How far will he go to save her? And how can he save the Expo and the entire planet at the same time?

Will he succeed, or will the Plutonians gain the upper hand at last?

Book 7

World Expo, Paris, 1878, is the stage for the ethereal romance of Jed, Venusian guardian, and Marie, our Austrian heroine, who now has a unique connection to the Light. As they reunite amidst the splendors of the event, Marie's haunting dreams of distant travels and healing Light become the backdrop to their love story and the linchpin to events.

Jed eagerly anticipates a rendezvous with Marie, the woman who holds the key to his heart. However, a romantic reacquaintance is sidelined by the Tresians, orchestrators of a movement among the priesthood, accusing the Expo of blasphemy and idolatry. A tide of irate people converges on Paris, threatening to eclipse the event in discord and discontent.

Will their love and resilience prevail against the malevolent forces conspiring to derail the World Expo?

Book 7 of Time-Travel Tales Series II
Book 8 of Time-Travel Tales Series II

Book 8

Onboard ship to the 1879 Sydney and Melbourne 1880 Expos, consultants Jed and Marie meet Robert and Jane. Marie and Jane begin discussing issues on women's rights, a topic that sparks a clash with Robert's traditional values.

Robert's resistance to these ideas creates tension, making it difficult for the couples to maintain a close friendship, yet Jed has a hint that something else is amiss.

While Jed and Marie excitedly move forward with their part in the expo, little do they know a dark plot is unfolding. Counter-agents are set on sabotaging the Expo, coming up with some very creative ideas! The targets? Jed and Marie. As the danger escalates, Robert becomes an unwitting pawn, leading to a cliff-edge confrontation that will change everything.

Time-Travel Tales Prologue - Historical Romance Short Story

The Prologue

Forced to flee their beloved planet of Ceres by their enemies, the Tresians, how do Jed's people escape and survive in space in the old mining ships?

Then, playing hide and seek amongst the stars with the Admiral, their resourceful foe, can they sustain themselves to reach another habitable planet?

Yet romance flourishes even in the harshest of times. And miracles can happen.

Veronica is a new author who skillfully blends science fiction, historical facts, and old-fashioned romance.

Now, find out how she crafts an immersive experience in her short stories that leaves readers spellbound!

Author Veronica Sanders - Time-Travel Historical Romance Short Stories

Veronica Sanders Author

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